What am I even doing here?

tl;dr - idk, being the lead fool in this carnival of errors we call life?
Hi I’m Kate, your HPIC
— Head Peach in Charge, that is

As a woman of a certain age (that age being 34, I aint afraid, #noageism), I have been, as the french say, around Le Block a time or deux. In all this time I have amassed quite a catalog of dating misadventures.

keeping it frosty in the produce section since I made up this gimmick to protect errybody’s anonymity

Apparently I am a wise old oracle, because after having deployed one of my many motley stories, I have been told, on various occasions, I should start a blog to:

 A. help young men learn how to butterfly themselves from boys to men

B. administer tips on ethical fucking to people who have been around Le Block less times than moi

C. entertain the masses with the insane situations I ass-end myself into

As a proud feminist and Hufflepuff, I hereby take up this mantle, and promise to try to help  guide you fools through the forest of dating, by which I mean recounting all the many mistakes (and occasional triumph, high fives!)  I have made on the prowl for love and orgasms, in hopes you may avoid (or achieve!) them yourselves.